Timelines and Software


The way we utilize time is most likely the single biggest elements of management success that we could understand, be it Time Management, Timelines, Time Utilization, what ever it is it all comes down to we only have a certain amount each and every day.

Recently I wrote and spoke around the concept of a B.H.A.G (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), if your goal doesn’t scare you then maybe it’s just not big enough they say!

I pride myself on the way my times utilized yet with any fast paced business growth there’s problems.

Timelines & Software

As part of my personal and business B.H.A.G I wanted TAG to be the provider of outstanding customer service, not just another ho hum provider, someone that like many of my business buddies and colleagues, I feel we’re all going as hard as possible!

So I’m a techie, deep analytical manager, joining the business dots of information out there in the either, yet being a software developer at the same time focused on providing an outstanding customer experience has certainly laid it’s challenges out.

Three Sunday After Hours For Nothing!

TAG is all about supporting and building a Small Business Community, because there’s strength in numbers and realistically there’s the trust element. Developers aren’t developers, and I certainly learnt that whilst working on 5 different TAG Customer Management Systems I tripped and stumbled like never before, only to be shown in about 10 minutes from the next generation hot shot!

Geez that #$%^& me at times!

As we begin to open up the training element of the TAG Odoo System my time get’s massively juggled between answering one on one questions versus solidifying, systemizing and structuring a simplified and automated process.

Take a look at our introductory training for the TAG Management System here

or watch this quick 2 minute overview video

So as my ever so faithful virtual support and assistant Lara continues to implement as we cross over time zones we’ll begin to automate the process using our Odoo Version 8 Marketing module combined with the 50,000 free emails per month that we get from Rackspaces Mailgun Email Proving Service. What a saving over the likes of Ontraport or Infusionsoft!

In this Lara Delegation Video

You can see the extremes that TAG is working at to implement in the most time and cost effective way possible, the high level of intensity and tech challenge that traditionally we’d be paying up to 90% extra to have this type of system put in place!

 Customer and Team Status Update

Whilst I’m running as fast as possible this video is a general overview looking at the TAG system whilst acknowledging each of your companies customized systems

All the best in success

Anthony Gardiner

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