TAG Odoo Sales CRM Calander View


Each days a day to learn and grow your business, maintaining a dynamic and “can do” team around you would have to be one the biggest attributes I’ve seen over the 30 odd years of self employment, not to mention the multiple millions in revenue growth achieved through the leverage of solid proven systems and structure.

As I see it it’s Systems, Structure, Solidify and Scale

Accessing such a dynamic portal like the TAG Odoo Simplified Management System certainly allows for rapid implementation and an easy to adopt user experience.

In this video we’re illustrating the initial concept of the CRM calender and scheduling capacity as a default out of the box solution. With the ability to integrate with existing email systems or completly run a self managed system, the TAG Odoo delivers a fast and seamless management method that promises major savings or double handeling of information throughout your company. Having access via the world wide web allows not just ease of use but flexibility like never before.

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