TAG Odoo Accounts Invoicing Intro Step 1


Expanding the TAG Odoo Management System like any business is an ongoing process, yet here at TAG we’re also about empowering other businesses be it a micro or a macro sized business the TAG Odoo Management Portal can accomodate. Enough said!

So as TAG expands rapidly we now access global resources, all working in a virtual way, connecting through “digital communication” which effectively keeps us mobile, free and flexible! Yet, we’re all adding the right value based or specific skills, attitude and overall experience, it’s what we here at TAG refer to as “collective intelligence”

Expansion in business is full of questions and answers, let’s be honest, it takes a huge amount to create an extremally fast growth, profit making business, and today it’s all about invoicing, invoicing whilst applying the principles learnt through Lean Manufacturing.

So now we’re beginning the Lean Accounting Process.

In this video I start to explain the process that we’ve initiated as part of the TAG Odoo development program, that is, working with my ever so faithful and wonderful virtual administrationĀ support we’ve been able to build, critique, refine and now illustrate or train so many others how to also adopt lean thinking in their businesses accounting platform.

Step 1 shows all of our existing invoices, open or draft, we’re looking to finalize or maintain on a daily basis the invoice value for two reasons, it is effectively work in progress as a value, yet also as soon as the project is completed be it a 1 day or a 100 day project the invoice is consolidated, packaged and ready to send out straight away. Awesome, that lean business management at it’s best!

Take a look at the video and all the best in your business success

Anthony Gardiner

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