Streamlined Sales


Understanding the sales process and utilizing our strengths to the highest level ultimately is going to produce the highest return. Yet we continue to see so many companies actually shrink there capacity by over using the real strengths of the individual.

As an example;

Let’s say we had a 100K Salary Person who was capable of selling 1 million dollars worth of goods or services comfortably in front of customers each week or let’s say a 40 hour week, why then would we hold these keys skills back in the office doing administration work?

If this person is constrained to the office duties for 20 hours per week then the reality is he now only capable of selling 500K worth of goods and services.

This is what would be called value adding, or investment terms we may consider as R.O.I or Return On Investment.

Understanding and leveraging the power of the internet and high value adding business management systems can in effect completely reverse this position.

Let’s look again;

Your 100k person produces 1 Million in 40 hours, or 500k in 20 hours, would it not be wise to have a personal assistant at 40K to support the workload and allow the sales person to be in front of more sales opportunities?

OK, expenses has gone up yet so to has the revenue and by a far greater aspect, suddenly your 40k person has in effect created or allowed to be created 500k worth of Sales?


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