Standardizing Systems Procedures and Information Flow


Building a sustainable small business isn’t always as easy as one might consider as we depart the traditional JOB, today we want to discuss standardization of the TAG management system and introduce the model of business process flow charts which we’ve chosen to use Lucidcharts online.

With so many elements associated to building a sustainable and scalable long term venture one often moves to issue resolution or a different management style as personal pressure increases.

I used the S.W.O.T analysis as a way of communicating or understanding how adopting standards can allow us all in the TAG Small Business Community to in effect do more with less.

As part of the TAG (The Automated Genius) business management system we looked at the concept of a sales funnel moving through to a call center model and how the system could actually handle the process of setting up high level experts then filtering down the knowledge through a structured method and finally allowing us to utilize a younger positive attitude person, through our standard methods we have in effect empowered the next generation so we can improve their skills.

You can watch that video again here or review the early development of our full page Sales Call Center process & information flow chart and take a look at the TAG Odoo Screen Here

Time management or time utilization can often be difficult with a large and expanding customer base yet having standards and automation allows us again to do more with less…

As per normal my busy day begins so until next time all the best in success yet here’s an early model of our process flow chart associated to the T.A.G Odoo system and the opportunity to adopt a centralized and standardized call center.

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TAG Odoo Call Center

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