Setting up your TAG Odoo Business Management System on Rackspace


We decided long ago after consulting with our odoo development partner Emipro Technologies that we would use Rackspace as our preferred server and hosting supplier, whilst technically the requirements for the OpenERP or Odoo system required an Ubuntu Server for optimum performance, this isn’t a server as common as your everyday website is hosted on though.

You can research Rackspace yourself here by clicking this link

Being an Australian based company, in the future we needed to be hosting in Australia also, more specifically around financial management, unfortunately the US market could have reduced our server expense each month, yet this was the best solution for both budget and performance.

They offer a 99.9% uptime and 24/7 server support, that’s more beneficial to us as your technical partner, or yourself into the future should you choose to part ways with us!

Without getting too technical, you may wish to discuss these bullet points with an external techy person you already know and trust?

  • We are going to be hosting the CRM Business Management System on a Rackspace Cloud Server
  • They Offer a 24/7 Tech Support
  • Their a publicly listed company
  • We best performance we will be using an Ubuntu Server
  • The Server will be hosted locally (Australian companies in Australia, American in America, etc)
    • This is too comply with local regulations

This Step 1 video gives as close as possible an overview of the signup process, whilst respecting our clients information and due diligence on my behalf.

We did end up waiting for client feedback and had to put the implementation on a slow down phase until a critical question was answered though.

Our Sign Up Procedure was;

  1. Sign up using customer details
  2. Username and password have been simplified whilst following some basic logic for ease of memory and implementation
    • Username:  (case sensitive)
    • Password:
    • Security Question: What is your favourite colour
      • Answer:
  3. After you’ve selected the “Next Step” Button
    • One of the questions requests a phone number
    • My recommendation is that you put Anthony’s mobile number in there to begin, 614 389 848 this can be changed very easily later yet the technical questions may start to fly and we want this to be as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

So Let’s begin:)

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