How to remove the Sign up Registration in Odoo


Whilst the Odoo management system is huge in it’s capacity the reliance off ongoing training and support can be quite difficult.

Searching the planet for a 24 hour 7 day solution can be hard!

Here we illustrate how to remove the sign up registration on a new instalation

Odoo Stop Phoning Home


Update, whilst the following can be quite techy surprisingly enough by following this you can add the module directly from a new installation now.

You can set it up like this:

In Settings click “Update Modules List”.
Unselect the “Installed” text in the search box, replace with e.g. ‘home’.
Install the “Stop Phoning Home” module.

Signing into Odoo must of simply been an acknowledgement to Odoo, yet after signing in i was redirected back to the same page and was then able to simply add the module from the settings area.

Once the Instal was completed following these steps the top bar had been removed.

So all in all that’s How to remove the top registration bar in Odoo

Step 1

Download the add on file

For version 8 users follow this link

For Version 7 users follow this link

Step 2

Access your FTP, we’re using Filezilla

TAG Odoo FTP Access

Step 3

Find the Addons Folder

TAG Odoo FTP Addon Folder Path


Step 4

Transfer the files

TAG Odoo FTP Addon Folder Transfer


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