TAG Odoo Accounts Invoicing Intro Step 1

Expanding the TAG Odoo Management System like any business is an ongoing process, yet here at TAG we’re also about empowering other businesses be it a micro or a macro sized business the TAG Odoo Management Portal can accomodate. Enough said! So as TAG expands rapidly we now access global resources, all working in a […]

TAG Odoo Sales CRM Calander View

Each days a day to learn and grow your business, maintaining a dynamic and “can do” team around you would have to be one the biggest attributes I’ve seen over the 30 odd years of self employment, not to mention the multiple millions in revenue growth achieved through the leverage of solid proven systems and […]

Adding a new post and plug in using WordPress (B)

As WordPress is such an amazing system and like so much of the online software or programs available today, it’s in effect free! So it makes me wonder why some people can charge small start up online businesses the fees that they do? With sites like Fiverr which I’m sure not everyone’s aware of getting […]

Online Communications

Over the many years of running successful fast paced small businesses I’d suggest that the single biggest value added management technique would have too be the concept of Lean. These principles completly reinvented the way I personally looked at my past management style, it was a new beggining one might say! Lean was really about […]

TAG Odoo – Client Issue Management or Requests

With every thing in life there’s the occasional hurdle to overcome as well, working online has been a huge learning curve with the strongest lesson being the communication techniques. During the build of the TAG Odoo Management System we where able to establish a successful technique being a video overview. In this video I’m illustrating […]

Odoo Task Management With Kanban View

As we’ve already seen, the power of the TAG Odoo Business Management sytem is amazing, today I’d like to show you just a small insight into the Task Management area or more specifically how you can better understand the Kanban view. Personally I’ve found in our early stage adoption. The task management complexity has been […]

Day 1, Managing your new wp website

Time, Money, Effort & Frustration… We all have our personal goals and objectives… Today it’s about you getting online with your new website So I understand we all have different wants and needs, Yet respect we all use time in different ways, It’s with this respect & understanding of TIME or more specifically time management […]

How to use the search function in Odoo System

Whilst the lesson today is very very short it is intended to widen your eyes to the different elements of the TAG Odoo Business management system. In this video I’m simply filtering tasks that have been delegated to an employee.

Adding a new user and employee to odoo

As fantastic as the Odoo system is and as long as I’ve searched online for low cost high value “how to lessons” in using this system it continues to surprise me how little there really is, yes it’s out there but personally i’ve struggled to find it in a structured way, that’s why I began […]

Why has my menu stopped working in wordpress

Finally after many long and exhausting hours I’ve come across a multitude of sites and posts that identified the image up loader white screen of frustration. Now this has taken us or cost us days and days of productivity and anxiety as we struggled more and more to find a resolution. I’m not yet convinced […]

Creating an improvable business process map and flow

Adopting a constant improvement method and culture across every element of the business model allows us to grow and expand together, at TAG we want to empoer our team at the same stage empower other small business owners with the knowledge, tools and techniques that would normally take years and years of time money and […]

How to add a field to OpenERP

Save Time and Money Through Lean Thinking

Business Opportunities With Lean Thinking & Lean Management Systems Seems like I’ve been building this TAGSBM environment for an eternity, creating a powerful can do team, a powerful yet completely mobile business management system and what one might say reduce business expenses to such an extreme level that it’s darn ridiculous. The TAG business model […]

TAG’s Project Management Method 001

How would we define a true Lean Business Management System, for me it would have to include a certain amount of key elements, in manufacturing we adopted the 5S model Sort Set In Order Shine Standardize Sustain Yet as part of constant improvement we need to consider the evolution of knowledge and new information, that […]

Tag’s Dynapp How We Connect WordPress Plugin To Odoo OpenERP

In this video and process map I explain how TAG’s Dynapp is connecting your WordPress site to Odoo or OpenERP as it used to be known. You can take a look at the full size process map here Whist both WordPress and Odoo have┬átheir specific “jobs” to do as part of a business we wanted […]

TAG Odoo Setting Up a New User Overview 001


TAG Odoo – Automated Email Delegation Module Introduction 001


TAG Odoo SalesCRM – A Brief Introduction For Setting Up Your New System

TAG Odoo Standard Modules and Storage Process Rev A

As TAG continued to refine and critique the Odoo Business Management System, or OpenERP as it was called our modules have in away become “just part of a system” rather than the intended vision of being able to implement into other future customer portals starting out with Odoo. TAG’s unique business model sees us as […]

Integrated Email Project Management

In this process map we start to tie our customers development site together with our TAG Odoo Business Management System or Portal. Take a look at this process map here… Or this video here

Supporting you to self manage your WordPress site

In business i understand that we are dealing with people and personalities, for me I’ve seen some horrendous financial decisions and mistakes which lead me down the path of creating the TAGSBM small Business Community, intended to be a web based business where people could come along, learn, implement and in effect Go Where they […]

Day 1 Introduction to a WordPress Site

OK, I’d like to open your knowledge to WordPress, an extremely powerful yet cost effective way to build or self manage your website. Yet let me not throw ya in the deep end! This will be slowly surely so you can learn at your own pace…KISS (Keep It Simply Simple) SO in this video we’ve […]

Rebranding the Odoo Sign In Page

Now that we are Implementing Odoo to more Small Business Owners we need to introduce a more automated process along with a solid improvable project management process. [responsive_vid] What we needed to do was either A find a standard module through the app store in the settings area or B go about the process of […]

WordPress Odoo OpenERP connector

With Odoo having such a huge opportunity in any element of Small Business Management has allowed us here at TAG to continue further integration for other companies, being able to seamlessly move data between WordPress and Odoo certainly has had it’s challenges. In all of my web searches I continued to come up against stops, […]

Implementing Business Organizational Structure and Systems #001

I often wonder if I really will get to the position of business I desire again, as a “typical small business owner” I have my fair share of pressure as well, being fanatical about customer service is probably my Achilles heal though! As I understand the value of a great team in business and the […]