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Over the many years of running successful fast paced small businesses I’d suggest that the single biggest value added management technique would have too be the concept of Lean. These principles completly reinvented the way I personally looked at my past management style, it was a new beggining one might say!

Lean was really about two core elements, the method of communication along with the concept of constant improvement, it’s help add thousands, if not millions to the bottom line of the businesses I’ve been involved with.

Here at TAG we live and breathe Lean thinking now and in this quick 5 minute video we manage to articulate the message in a virtual sense, speed, clarity, confusion, task performance, management time, frustration, all these elements have been reduced or completely alleviated as we continue our business development journey.

Whilst this video may not articulate any knowledge on your journey the intentions are as too how much simpler your management could be using and accessing the internet as a tool in the new digital economy.

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