How To Change the Menu Layout in Odoo


Provided you actually have the administration rights you can customize your version of the menu layout quite easily, potentially reorder or re sequence to suit your business model, change or critique the wording to your individual style or countries way of spelling possibly, it’s all relatively simple if you follow this step by step procedure below. With TAG’s standized Odoo Instance we have a slightly different words and configuration to begin with. As i step through this procedure I’ll do my best to maintain standard Odoo wording and TAG’s Wording, hope you don’t end confused here…

1. In the Admin area you can find the menu item simply called Menu Items

  1. In Odoo’s Standard instance you can find it under Settings/User Interface/Menu Items
  2. Select Menu Items
  3. Search for the existing Menu word that you want to find

2. We’re focused here on changeing the wording in general so I have intentially searched for a generic word

  1. Configuration is a menu item quite widely used so we aust remain focused on finding the true menu item we want to change
  2. However I’m going to focus on changing the menu order and name in the Projects area for this TAG Odoo training

3. Now that we need to enter the edit mode

4. When in this screen you can quite easily do a re order or re sequence of the menu

  • Simply selct the line item you want with your mouse
  • Then drag it to the location you desire

5. Now to change a line item in the menu.

  1. Select the line to edit or change
  2. Edit your words, I’ve chosen to simply add Menu Training for this excercise
  3. Now “Save” your changes

6. Always remember that Odoo is woring in a very structured way.

Therefore we continue to “Save” at each screen we are closing to ensure our changes remain “Linked”

7. Don’t forget to refresh your Internet Browser!

Once you have refreshed your browser you can now see the changes you made and well done!