How to change Google Docs folder if you have two accounts


1. The Google Docs icon on the bottom right of your screen needs to be selected

Once that icon opens you can see 3 dots on the top right of that pop up

Now select that

2. Then you see Preferences in there

Select that

3. Now you have another pop up screen

In here you to select the Account TAB

4. If you dont have a back up of your google docs it would be suggested to make one of all you files before the next step.

You may be using multiple computers in which case your back up is still on the cloud server. (Double check if your not sure)

5. If you do need to do a back up then copying your comple google docs to anther drive would be the simplest method.

Options might be;

  1. Copy the existing Google docs folder to another C Drive My Docs folder. This way you have a back up in the event of some form of mishap.
  2. You may do the same as above yet to D Drive
  3. Or possibly a USB stick or external hard drive

6. Once you’ve disconnected then you will be able to sign in again using the other Google docs account you have