Google Odoo and the Maze of Internet Knowledge


With both Odoo and The big G helping us bring together some of the best information they can find it still takes a mountain of time to find consistent knowledge that actually answers questions for the newbie Odoo developers in this world.

Over time we stumble across some real Odoo gold nuggets!

I came across this link whilst spending hours to try and resolve a techie problem whilst all my developers enjoyed the weekend with friends and family…

Me…I’m all about providing the ultimate customer experience through fast and friendly customer service.

I’m not sure how long this sites been around yet what a fantastic resource for new Odoo Developers, and what seems to be an Odoo original site possibly?

I say that as it’s an obscure .org site? Have a look by following this link…

I stumbled across this whilst site whilst searching on how to add my new TAG custom fields into multiple forms at the same time, or all through one custom odoo module.

This was my search “how to┬áinherit custom lead fields to opportunities and customers in odoo”

And this came up way down near the bottom of my search

TAG Odoo Learning Website Search Find

Such a resource hidden in the depths of my Google search

Have a look at this link…


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