Hire for attitude and online training for skills


Understanding the benefits of training our employees has become an influential part of the companies growth and it’s been my intention to share some of the methods that we’ve used on such a large scale.

I’ve always struggled with the cross over of skills, attitudes and sound work ethics that aligned well with my core values of win/win.

Knowing the caliber and shear size of my business goals meant that I needed to also be able to teach or train my team members on any part of the globe, I realized we were heading to a global business platform quite some time ago and that computer based training was going to be the most influential and consistent way in which i could do it.

With our unique membership community of on and offline business owners we can continue to offer what I call a “collective intelligence” way of learning and improving our ways. It is a very open minded approach but I must say that closed minded individuals can often overlook great opportunities as well.

I am also a huge fan off business and continual improvement, so much so that i chose to almost put any major business growth or focus until such time as i had established the right type of foundations by way of a strong management system and a strong training platform that allowed me to keep my business expenses down and at the same time allow the business to build a foundation of high skills combined with the right attitudes.

It takes time when quality is everything, Trust becomes a reflection of other peoples perception and that meant for me to create a brand of trust was going to always.

Now with our employee computer based training program going global has allowed me to access a lot more of the required skills and aligned values, we’ve in effect we’ve gone looking for unique and trusted skills that as your sure to understand can be quite difficult.

But the benefits and method of delivery of this type of training are far greater long term than the short term pain of actually setting them up.

Also knowing that the company can only ever be as good as the weakest link was never going to work for me. So I decided to commit to an online employee development program that allowed me to access the character of person that i enjoyed working with.

At TAG we do everything in house based on my 30 years of self employment and technical skills, I consolidated all that knowledge and leveraged the internet to deliver in a far quicker way to the people I had come to trust in different work situations. But I also found that along the journey how often a typical consultant was charging a high premium for their input yet it was up to me to do the implementation, simply, I was paying out good money for reasonable advice that net resulted in an increased workload based on the new knowledge. That’s right, but as a small business owner in a fast growth company that is also taking away from life balance and leisure time.

So as we continue to grow our online presence through high attitude and constantly improving training methods we also continue to look forward to a brighter and more positive business to work in.

Powerful and positive people continuing to support a community of Small To Medium Business Owners in a cost effective and profitable way.


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