Define quality management


Obviously we all have a different perspective as far as quality goes, it’s based on the individuals perception and how they or what they relate to in my thoughts? So as part of the ever evolving never ending business of quality control goes having sound systems and processes in place is no doubt the objective, seamless communication, positive attitude in the workplace and a team environment where we are entitled to make mistakes along with the suggestion on where the communication or management system broke down, how can we prevent this occurring again? In TAG’s business model I’ve aimed very high with respect to quality and see the future as a ISO certified business management system that in effect anyone else on a global scale can adapt to their business in a very cost effective, dynamic and user friendly way. So how do we now define quality of such small areas such as graphic design work? My initial thoughts are that we create a page like this one…..create a post from the graphics sizing pages in btfl….where we can again continually work through a series of checks and balances. As part of the TAG online business community we wanted to support our clients with as many standardized processes so that they didn’t go through nearly as much frustration as I have building this business management portal. Our research and using scoop it shows that this would be the best methodology to follow… ……Insert topic related to a google search and the number 1 or 2 result in organic search using scoop it….or similar… We would target both Anthony Gardiner .com sight and tagsbm sites…Each site would be written differently so they where unique and each would reference a separate searched article… I understand not all of you will know yet what this means but ask that you wait till tomorrow where I shall do a video and flow chart of the process and resources activity. Thanks

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