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We all know I rabbit on a bit when it comes to Techy versus Sales, yet in any successful business we understand it takes all types of people let’s consider the S.W.O.T analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) as a management tool, I also like the 80/20 rule.

Strengths, if we could create a Small Business Community based around our individual Strengths, all tied together through a virtual hub, platform or management system would allow all of us to be mobile or remote based.

Starting with a customized and personalized version of TAG, The Automated Genius, as a management system, we can adopt standardized trainings and or create a scalable and replicable business model, in effect we can take your business to a global audience. The choice really does become yours.

In this video I’m illustrating how I can see one Small Business Community (The Business Market Place) having the ability to combine it’s community members core strengths into a consistent management hub, teaming up to support each other and to expand their community globally.

Time, Team & Money, If we took ego out of the equation and looked at in effect any fast growth business, you’d find these three core elements, you may not notice it directly, yet rest assure, it will be underpinned by these three elements being in place. There all adding strength to the opportunity

Weakness, so if we focused on our strengths and collectively worked to alleviate as much weakness as possible then the returns could be nothing short of amazing, I know this to be true after being a key driver in a turn around which was losing at a rate of 750 thousand dollars in three months to amazing high profits and a revenue increase of some 17 million dollars over a 5 year period! It all starts with a solid and committed team though.

Opportunities, needless to say there’s opportunities every where in this day and age, yet never before have we had such a tool like the internet to support the massive leverage of our knowledge.

Let’s think about it for a moment shall we?

So you’re an amazing individual, a genius in your own mind, your styles unique and your personalities unique, so what really makes you stand out above the crowd, MARKETING or POSITIONING.

Time = Money, Money = Time, we’re either charging for it or paying for it and time is a once of resource, so thanks for spending this time with me:), yet we only have a limited amount of time to truely enjoy life outside of work, it’s what I refer to as a work life balance

Back to the Small Business Community, so we have a system, we have high quality sales converting community members, we have technically capable people like never before, so why can’t we connect the dots and create an amazing small business solution? Think of the opportunity? Think BIG, Think Global, Think of the Future.

Threats, it’s reasonable for me to say that there’s always a risk in any business venture we take on, as a small business owner and serial entrepreneur, I’ve sure as heck seen the risk and the price tags, money relationships on both the good and the bad side, so I also understand that having the right people around us as part of that strong community or team is paramount, we need to minimize the threats to increase the opportunities around us.

The 80/20 principle, So if we considered our offer had an 80% success factor, the 20% would be filled with failure or potential issues, failure isn’t a word i choose to use so, let’s focus on potential issues, as part of our small business community we also have some very diligent people, investors, procedural, legal, we have pretty much everyone needed to make a massively successful Small Business Community or Small Business Team. It’s about the quality of the questions and the quality of the answers relative to TRUST & CERTAINTY.

TAG, The Automated Genius & Odoo,  

Managing Mass Mail to Sales Call Management, as they say it all begins with a vision:)


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    • Thanks Gary, feed back is always a great part of business growth and success. Take a look at the video just added, you’ll love it!

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