Australian Accounting Module In Odoo Version 7 and 8


TAG has in the past worked with developers to implement and enhance Odoo, this document is intended to illustrate ….

1. In OpenERP Version 7 we worked with a company in India called Emipro Technologies.

Many OpenERP Odoo modules or customization work was undertaken yet this is most specifically working on the Australian Accounts work that we completed in version 7 being centralized and enhanced for Odoo Version 8.

  1. I returned this result by filtering on ept which Emipro signed the modules with.
  2. Whilst TAG paid for this I feel Emipro Technologies double dipped on the Intellectual Property and went on to offer the Odoo community a number of the modules we created together under their personal name.

2. This system was set up as a subdomain or under a seperate ip port number

I mention this as when we search in the back end via ftp or putty it may hold some relevance.


3. We had to add ABN and ACN Numbers to Our Company

4. We also need to have it in our Partner form so we capture both Suppliers and Customer numbers

5. Two new menu areas are created, this needs to be verified from module design and not having been done as a settings customization

6. When creating an Invoice or a Purchase TAG standardized a pop up screen.

This was done as origional Odoo system only edited as a line item and this made it extremally difficult to edit and read all relevant content. It was a near impossibility.

My suspicion is that the pop up is not coded in to the standard module yet I feel it should be

7. AU OpenERP Alliance Chart of Accounts Module