How To Set Up Google Apps In Odoo 9

Odoo is an amazing product followed up with an amazing service by Vuente, with the 2 of these combined with the strength of google Apps really I feel your business is going to become as efficient as ever possible.

Configuring Your Gmail With Vuente and Odoo

In these screen steps we expect with a reasonable amount of technical skill you can in fact set up your own email quite easily. If you would like assitance please enquire here

Vuente and Odoo Servers and Developer Access

Today we want you to understand our server configuration and management of such. Taking in the global capacity of Odoo developers and the ability for us to protect both ours and our clients productivity means we need to have an organizational structure that supports all parties involved. Adopting this structure we can delegate with an […]

How you can see a list of installed Apps and Modules in Vuente and Odoo

Working with both Vuente and the Odoo platform continues to be a learning curve like any growing business it has it’s frustrations as well. Today I’ve been exploring the loss of our menu items and came across this snippet of info which was a new way of identifying the different Applications and Modules that have […]

Creating an opt in and autoresponder for odoo #001

Creating an opt in and autoresponder for odoo #001 from Anthony Gardiner

Sharing with WordPress

This article will show you how to connect Clarify to your WordPress blog as well as how to upload a document.

Odoo Configure Email Campaign

Odoo Configure Email Campaign Go to Admin- Configuration- General Settings-Email Configure outgoing mail servers Mail Client Configuration (You can see this in your Hosting Provider Email in Cpanel) Configure outgoing mail servers Add New or Edit 1. Description Priority 2. Connection Information SMTP Server SMTP Port Debugging (Yes or No) 3. Security and Authentication Connection […]

How To Change the Menu Layout in Odoo

Provided you actually have the administration rights you can customize your version of the menu layout quite easily, potentially reorder or re sequence to suit your business model, change or critique the wording to your individual style or countries way of spelling possibly, it’s all relatively simple if you follow this step by step procedure […]

Adding and Removing Industry Fields in Selection Menus

1. Following the menu structure we pursue your Industry fields set up Sales Menu on Top Menu Bar Configuration on Left Side Bar Menu Select Industries 2. To Remove Entries Tick the relevant lines you would like to delete Select “More” in the center of screen Select “Delete” Confirm Delete request

How to change Google Docs folder if you have two accounts

1. The Google Docs icon on the bottom right of your screen needs to be selected Once that icon opens you can see 3 dots on the top right of that pop up Now select that 2. Then you see Preferences in there Select that 3. Now you have another pop up screen In here […]

Australian Accounting Module In Odoo Version 7 and 8

TAG has in the past worked with developers to implement and enhance Odoo, this document is intended to illustrate ….

Google Odoo and the Maze of Internet Knowledge

With both Odoo and The big G helping us bring together some of the best information they can find it still takes a mountain of time to find consistent knowledge that actually answers questions for the newbie Odoo developers in this world. Over time we stumble across some real Odoo gold nuggets! I came across […]

How to connect Google Drive and Odoo Step 1

With the popularity of both Google and Odoo it’s obviouse to find so many standard modules available to connect the two together, yet as i search around the web looking for those all illusive answers as to How to actually connect Google Drive and Odoo it’s clear there are so many opportunities to support other business […]

Timelines and Software

The way we utilize time is most likely the single biggest elements of management success that we could understand, be it Time Management, Timelines, Time Utilization, what ever it is it all comes down to we only have a certain amount each and every day. Recently I wrote and spoke around the concept of a […]

Standardizing Systems Procedures and Information Flow

Building a sustainable small business isn’t always as easy as one might consider as we depart the traditional JOB, today we want to discuss standardization of the TAG management system and introduce the model of business process flow charts which we’ve chosen to use Lucidcharts online. With so many elements associated to building a sustainable […]

Creating a powerful management team

We all know I rabbit on a bit when it comes to Techy versus Sales, yet in any successful business we understand it takes all types of people let’s consider the S.W.O.T analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) as a management tool, I also like the 80/20 rule. Strengths, if we could create a Small […]

How to add a new field in Odoo 002

Recently I created a post on How to add a new field in Odoo, whilst that is one way the other is to create a custom module, as i’m reasonably new to developer world yet a user of Odoo for some 3 years now it’s been over this time that I was told that your best […]

How to remove unwanted States and Countries In Odoo

Removing unwanted data from you Odoo Business management system is obviously going to make the user experience less confusing or complicated. In this video lesson back to the Team at Tag I’m signed in as the Administrator with View Technical Settings ticked in the Admin user profile. So…signed in as an administrator with technical settings […]

How To Change or Customize Menu Names In Odoo

Starting with the Odoo Online Business Management System has allowed us to maximize the efficiency of our installation in such a way that is simply outstanding. In this video lesson we look at delegating the task of Customizing or Changing the menu names in the TAG Odoo systems that we’re installing for more an more […]

How To Change the Odoo Sign In Logo

Like so many of the tasks associated with Odoo finding a central how to guide is close to impossible on the internet, sure Odoo has it’s “How To” yet in a cost effective and structured way it certainly can run into quite a high cost when you consider it on a per user basis. Turning […]

How to add a new field in Odoo 001

Adding additional fields to the Odoo system can be relatively simple once you know how. In this video we discuss adding a simple field, whilst also understanding the type of fields you may wish to add could be quite variable.  

Setting up your TAG Odoo Business Management System on Rackspace

We decided long ago after consulting with our odoo development partner Emipro Technologies that we would use Rackspace as our preferred server and hosting supplier, whilst technically the requirements for the OpenERP or Odoo system required an Ubuntu Server for optimum performance, this isn’t a server as common as your everyday website is hosted on though. […]

How to import data from Excel to Odoo

As we continue to set up and add customers data from excel to their Odoo system we’re also consolidating for our team and small business community. I found this slideshare which helped greatly and made life a lot easier. How to Import data into OpenERP V7 from Audaxis

How to restart the Odoo system server

I’ve personally started with the program called Putty to stop and restart my Odoo Management Systems So firstly we need to understand the script root@cloud-server-system1:~# /etc/init.d/openerp restart

How to remove the Sign up Registration in Odoo

Whilst the Odoo management system is huge in it’s capacity the reliance off ongoing training and support can be quite difficult. Searching the planet for a 24 hour 7 day solution can be hard! Here we illustrate how to remove the sign up registration on a new instalation   Update, whilst the following can be […]