How To Set Up Google Apps In Odoo 9

Odoo is an amazing product followed up with an amazing service by Vuente, with the 2 of these combined with the strength of google Apps really I feel your business is going to become as efficient as ever possible.

Configuring Your Gmail With Vuente and Odoo

In these screen steps we expect with a reasonable amount of technical skill you can in fact set up your own email quite easily. If you would like assitance please enquire here

Vuente and Odoo Servers and Developer Access

Today we want you to understand our server configuration and management of such. Taking in the global capacity of Odoo developers and the ability for us to protect both ours and our clients productivity means we need to have an organizational structure that supports all parties involved. Adopting this structure we can delegate with an […]

How To Change the Menu Layout in Odoo

Provided you actually have the administration rights you can customize your version of the menu layout quite easily, potentially reorder or re sequence to suit your business model, change or critique the wording to your individual style or countries way of spelling possibly, it’s all relatively simple if you follow this step by step procedure […]

Adding and Removing Industry Fields in Selection Menus

1. Following the menu structure we pursue your Industry fields set up Sales Menu on Top Menu Bar Configuration on Left Side Bar Menu Select Industries 2. To Remove Entries Tick the relevant lines you would like to delete Select “More” in the center of screen Select “Delete” Confirm Delete request

How to change Google Docs folder if you have two accounts

1. The Google Docs icon on the bottom right of your screen needs to be selected Once that icon opens you can see 3 dots on the top right of that pop up Now select that 2. Then you see Preferences in there Select that 3. Now you have another pop up screen In here […]

Australian Accounting Module In Odoo Version 7 and 8

TAG has in the past worked with developers to implement and enhance Odoo, this document is intended to illustrate ….

Why has my menu stopped working in wordpress

Finally after many long and exhausting hours I’ve come across a multitude of sites and posts that identified the image up loader white screen of frustration. Now this has taken us or cost us days and days of productivity and anxiety as we struggled more and more to find a resolution. I’m not yet convinced […]

Creating an improvable business process map and flow

Adopting a constant improvement method and culture across every element of the business model allows us to grow and expand together, at TAG we want to empoer our team at the same stage empower other small business owners with the knowledge, tools and techniques that would normally take years and years of time money and […]

TAG Odoo Setting Up a New User Overview 001


TAG Odoo – Automated Email Delegation Module Introduction 001


TAG Odoo SalesCRM – A Brief Introduction For Setting Up Your New System

Akretion | OpenERP Asterisk VOIP connector

Mobile phones and time management

Building an outstanding team, automation and leadership

Living in rapid response or business at the speed of thought

Site audit pro I pad app

Define quality management

Obviously we all have a different perspective as far as quality goes, it’s based on the individuals perception and how they or what they relate to in my thoughts? So as part of the ever evolving never ending business of quality control goes having sound systems and processes in place is no doubt the objective, […]

Hire for attitude and online training for skills

Understanding the benefits of training our employees has become an influential part of the companies growth and it’s been my intention to share some of the methods that we’ve used on such a large scale. I’ve always struggled with the cross over of skills, attitudes and sound work ethics that aligned well with my core […]

Streamlined Sales

Understanding the sales process and utilizing our strengths to the highest level ultimately is going to produce the highest return. Yet we continue to see so many companies actually shrink there capacity by over using the real strengths of the individual. As an example; Let’s say we had a 100K Salary Person who was capable […]